Whole Lotta Love

I couldn’t begin to tell you what I love most about gardening.  I have different answers depending on the time of year, or maybe even the time in my life.  

When I was a kiddo, I loved planting sweet peas and vegetables in the raised bed my Dad built for our patio.  Gardening was my playmate.

During the most difficult time of my life, it provided me comfort and healing.  I spent  hours upon hours studying, planning, tilling and planting from dawn to dusk.  Gardening was my sanctuary.

Over the years as my garden becomes more established, I love being able to stroll through it in the mornings and enjoy what it has to bring each day.  Gardening gives me gratitude.

This year it’s been a citrus bonanza, providing endless amounts of limes, grapefruit, lemons, tangerines and oranges.  Much needed nutrition during this cold and flu season. Gardening provides wellness.

If you ask me today, right now this very moment what I love about my garden, I would say it’s the time I spend in it with my husband and son.  Gardening is a teacher.

As gardeners we pour our hearts into our gardens, and in return they provide us happiness. Gardening is love.

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