Driftwood Succulents – Part Two

After driftwood succulent night at The Potting Shed, I decided to host my own for my girlfriends at my house.  Some of my friends are gardeners, others are not, so I emphasized the word ‘wine’ in the invitation ‘Wine & Succulent Girls Night’.  Needless to say, it worked.

 I asked everyone to bring an appetizer and I’d handle the rest.  After the storms we had earlier this year, the beaches were covered in debris, including some lovely pieces of driftwood.  Tractors on the beach had them piled up, so I helped out by collecting a few on my morning runs.

I had about six weeks until the date, so I collected succulent cuttings from my garden to propagate.

I was hoping they’d have a few roots before girls night so they’d be ready plant.

And they did. Rooted and ready to go, I had my next task on hand….

The driftwood needed holes for planting, so Kid A came to the rescue. 

We used a spade drill bit to make holes about the size of a quarter (and yes, he wore safety goggles and I held the drill with him).We drilled the holes in the wider part of the driftwood so they’d support the plants.  






Yes, the planting holes look small, but don’t forget, succulents have shallow roots, so these work well.






After yummy appetizers, plenty of wine and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert, I didn’t have the cooperation from my friends to take their photos.  So here were some of the creations that were made.

We even added some sea shells and little rocks for added interest.  

My husband voted on his favorite one, and it happened to be Kid A’s, a succulent work of art!  If a four-year old can make one, anyone can.

An empty pizza box came in handy for transport home.

And that was it, another fun and fabulous girl’s night. With succulents and wine, how could we go wrong?

Thank you to We Believe Wines for your generous donation of pinot noir and chardonnay!  We Believe Wines benefits the Green Beret Foundation, click here for more info: We Believe Wines

3 thoughts on “Driftwood Succulents – Part Two

  1. This is so cool! Love these driftwood works of plant art!
    Two questions:
    1. How to keep these alive after planting?
    2. How to cut/propagate succulents?
    Thanks for sharing your passion, Alex!

    • Hi there!
      1. Water or just spray them about once a week
      2. I cut the stem of the succulent pretty close to the crown, then just set them in damp soil. They basically propagate on their own. I even have leaves that fall and start growing little new buds right in the ground! 🙂
      Happy gardening!

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