Good Day Sunshine

Thanks to everyone who cooperated in my garden for the Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour. First, I’d like to thank….







My hydrangeas….for making their first blooming appearance on the garden tour.  Usually during the tour (the first weekend in May) they aren’t blooming quite yet.  Although this year was a pleasant surprise and they looked healthier than ever.







I’d also like to thank my sweet peas.  They were happy to greet garden visitors, especially this triple-color, pink, purple and lavender ‘Enchante’, which means ‘nice to meet you’ in French. Not particularly fragrant, it still made it’s flirty debut for the tour.







All the blood, sweat and tears (and money) you put into having your garden ‘show ready’ can be stressful. Sometimes I’d be wondering ‘Ugh, why am I doing this again’?  Then on the day of the tour, as you watch people sniffing flowers and smiling, you know it’s all worth it. I can’t recommend this pale mauve and white sweet pea enough, appropriately named ‘More Scent’.  The first to bloom of all the sweet peas I planted, it’s filled our entire house with a clean, fresh scent.  

On the opposite end of the sweet pea spectrum, there’s ‘Grandma Butt’. Yep you heard me.  This deep pink sweet pea drew me in by it’s name like the trendy name of a wine. I had to buy it just out of curiosity.  I’ve only had a few Grandma Butt blooms, and they were small with no fragrance (ironic because of it’s name, but maybe that’s a good thing).  







A big thanks to my ‘Amistad’ salvia.   Performing amazingly well as usual, it didn’t disappoint.  The first plant visitors saw when entering my garden gate, it boldly welcomed everyone with its dark purple blooms. I even had cut it back about a month before the tour, but I knew it would bounce back just in time.  It also nicely framed my ode to Frida Kahlo on the fence.






And thanks to my amazing, talented husband and four year-old that have worked tirelessly in our garden for this special day.  Tucked away in a hidden shady corner, Kid A’s miniature garden (which he calls his zen garden), was a huge hit and I think inspired moms and kids to create one.  More to come on this in another post….






My husband’s concrete bench/deck design was frequently used throughout the day for a resting spot.  We weren’t sure to take it as a compliment or insult when people asked if we hired a landscape designer.  Our garden is just like Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour’s motto, ‘Real Gardens by Real People’.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Mother Nature.  I had garden guests say it was pouring rain in South OC and even flooding and hail in Anaheim. Here by the beach we had a cool 65 degree day with intermittent clouds and sun. Then just as the tour was wrapping up at the end of the day, a few ominous clouds started to roll in.

After Santa Ana winds the week before the tour, the threat of rain the weekend of, everything seemed to work out just fine. Isn’t that how life is?  

And an encore thank you to my Mom for introducing me to the garden as a child and encouraging me to write.  It was a good day, and just enough sunshine.

Check out more gardens from the Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour 2017. There are over 40 gardens on the tour and it benefits the Sheepfold providing hope and refuge for mothers and their children.


4 thoughts on “Good Day Sunshine

  1. Your garden looks beautiful! It is very kind of you to go through all the work and worry of putting it on the tour and sharing it with others!

    • Thank you!! Always love meeting fellow gardeners and getting their tips and advice too!

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