Been Caught Stealing







I’ve never stolen anything in my life. Well, at least not in the literal sense.  Although when it comes to my garden, I have no shame in using other people’s creations and making them my own.







The first time I saw Camille Beehler’s garden designs was at the Southern California Spring Flower Show a few years ago.  As I walked in, I immediately spotted the bright yellow umbrella and pillows with the ‘Sunburst’ aeonium beneath.  Her use of drought tolerant plants, clean lines, with a pop of color, I knew I’d be stealing some of her ideas. Camille was sweet enough to talk to me (even while she was still setting up her exhibit), and share with me her background in art and design.

Although getting a peak of her other landscapes, I really got a sense of her style.  Modern, fresh and clean, with a lot of color and contrasting foliage.  This South African Retreat design blew me away.

When most people think of drought tolerant, dreary dull color comes to mind. Nope, not with Camille’s designs. Her combination of compact plants with dramatic tall color such as this red protea seems to be a common theme in her landscapes.

She created a sea of textures and colors, swirling together nice and neat.  The blend of colors is replicated throughout this South African Retreat.

When you think of the word ‘cottage’ in the garden, overgrown, messy flowers comes to mind.  Add ‘modern’ to it, and you get this.  Dense plantings just as you’d see in a cottage garden although with a twist…..clean lines and clumps of compact succulents. 

A warm, cottagy (is that a word?) feel with lots of interest, pots, wood fences like any traditional cottage garden.  Don’t worry, you’ll still get color.  The agaves, euphorbias and even sedums will give you colorful blooms.    

A colorful dry garden, is that even possible?  Yep. In this design, Camille uses weeping coral shrub in a container, it definitely makes a statement doesn’t it?

Camille painted this dry landscape with swishes of color throughout.  Hot colors in a dry garden makes total sense.  The best part is that you’re not getting a quick bloom, then having the color quickly fade away. These fuzzy kangaroo paw blooms last forever.  

Another good takeaway from Camille’s designs? The use of hardscape and rocks. Used almost as a frame to showcase the plants, they keep everything neat and tidy for a clean look and make the plant color pop.

So yes, I guess I have stolen something, although I have no shame.  I’ve incorporated many of Camille’s design elements into my garden since I’ve met her.  Although I have yet to find a use for corrugated steel, but you can be sure I’ll be stealing that idea sometime too!

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