Log Succulent Planters

On my morning runs, I’m usually thinking about garden ideas, new things to blog about and ugh, why do I run? Although today I was in for a treat.







Kid A and I came upon some workers trimming these huge Eucalyptus trees.  Kid A enthralled with the chainsaw and wood chipper, I was taking in their fragrance and thinking about how I could use some of the logs in my garden.  Boldly I asked one of the guys if he’d cut me a few pieces. He agreed! 

We loaded up the jogger and headed home.  I would have gotten greedy and asked for more, but the these guys were heavy and the tires were already flat with three of them.







These little fellers were gorgeous too.  I decided to just enjoy them for a few days before I cut into them.  How beautiful are these tree rings?  







Then the day finally came. I cringed at the thought of drilling into them, but it was time.  I used a 1″ spade drill bit and made four holes about 1 1/2 to 2″ deep (succulents don’t need a lot of soil for their roots).

Next I added soil and packed it in.  I had succulent cuttings and wanted the soil to hold them in place.  I also used regular potting soil so it would hold a little moisture since they would dry out quickly in this small planter.

I gathered a bunch of different succulent cuttings from around my garden to use.







Starting with the largest first, I gently added them in alternating green and gray colored succs. I also used sphagnum moss around the edges once they were all planted to anchor them in until they are rooted and established (plus it adds a little more color and interest).

Voila.  This project literally cost me nothing, as in ZERO dollars.  Plus I considered it recycling and I saved these glorious creatures from getting thrown in the wood chipper. A perfect housewarming gift for a garden friend….

And yes, I struck again.  These poor Eucalyptus trees were being completely cut down.  On my way to work in skirt and heels, I pulled over to ask the workers to cut me a few pieces.  They were happy to, in exchange for donuts. 

Almost like tears, watching the sap seep out of them made me sad, but I was happy knowing I was going to make them beautiful again.

For a video step by step tutorial, check out my videos here:

Log Succulent Planter Step 1

Log Succulent Planter Step 2

Log Succulent Planter Step 3

Log Succulent Planter Step 4







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    • Thank you Frannie!! I’m going to teach a class on it next weekend at Habitudes at The Nursery in Irvine!

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