Garden Groupies: Let It Be

A wet, humid and hot August day seems to have brought them all out.  I’m talking about my garden groupies.

Kid A and I spent the morning perusing our garden for our little friends.  Our milkweed is covered with these milkweed beetle bugs.   These two were up to something.  When Kid A asked, I just said they were getting ‘friendly’.  

Even though they are creepy (even their tiny babies), they aren’t harming the plant, so we let them be.

Another buzzing bug we spotted was a Japanese beetle. We found this guy lounging on our foxtail fern.  Not sure if he was still alive, so we let him be. 

This wasp was hovering over my Swiss chard, taking little sips of water from the leaves.  Although I’m not a fan of wasps in my garden, they are pollinators. So again, we let him be.

Milkweed bugs weren’t the only beetles enjoying the milkweed today.  It was nice to see lady bugs bustling around the blooms too, so we let them be.

Our sweet monarchs.  They weren’t bothered by the milkweed beetles, lady bugs, or even us hanging around their favorite plant. They fluttered around as if to welcome us. They let us be.

Last but not least, our favorite little buzzing pollinators were busy on our lambs ear blooms.  And of course, we let him bee.


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