A Family Affair: Adopting a Staghorn Fern

I’ve always imagined myself adopting, although I didn’t have plants in mind.  But isn’t that what we do as gardeners?  We share plants with others, especially ones we’ve had success with and love. I like to call it a ‘green adoption’.  

So after a visit to a friends house and seeing there ginormous (is that a word?) Staghorn at their front door greeting guests, I was elated when they shared a few of it’s babies with me.

I spent an afternoon with some friends and Kid A to mount them.  The essentials?  Cedar wood planks, hand saw, drill, metal wire, metal wood screws, moss and potting soil.

Oh wait, last essential item, refreshments!  A chilled bottle of wine on a hot afternoon was imperative.








My friend V had made this fabulous triplet Staghorn wall planter, so she showed me the ropes.  She and Kid A cut the cedar boards so they were a bit longer than our baby Staghorns.







Then she placed a piece on the back and drilled it into the cedar planks to secure them together.

Oh and my other friend was helping too, she called it ‘supervising’.V added a few screws on either side of the Staghorn fern and used metal wire to wrap around it to secure it into place.






Kid A happily got his hands dirty prepping the moss in the water, then they added a bit of soil and wet moss in the Staghorn.







Voila, that was it.  After a good dousing of water, they were happily transplanted.

Although I prefer a more natural, simple clean look, you can always add a bit of flair to your Staghorn design.  Think different shapes, sizes and even color for the wood.  Maybe a cluster of small staghorns together like family photos on a wall?  After all, they do become part of your plant family.

And lastly, when adopting a new plant, I have to prepare the reason why it’s absolutely necessary to add it into my garden.  You see, my husband thinks we have enough plants as it is. I know right?  One can never have enough plants.  So I gave him reason #137 why we needed the Staghorn fern – it added interest to this vacant wall. And of course, he liked it.


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