The Danger of Succulent Pumpkins



Just when you thought gardening couldn’t get any more dangerous, then came the succulent pumpkin.  While taking fresh succulent cuttings from my garden, I failed to remember it’s fall, and that means – spider season.  Eek.




Well, maybe the spiders that came crawling out of my crassula weren’t that big, but I found a few, and that was enough to freak me out. 

So here are the cuttings I chose to create my succulent pumpkin.  Not a big fan of orange in my garden (or home), I’m going with green themed fall decor.  I found this green beauty at Traders Joe’s for $5.99. Total deal.

Now there are a few ways you can make a succulent pumpkin.  Last year I took the road less traveled and cut out the top of my pumpkin, gutted it and planted succulents inside.  It looked beautiful for about a week, then rotted soon after. So this season I’m creating them with a glue gun.  Quick, clean and simple.  Plus you can plant the cuttings when you’re done!

It’s best to start off gluing the bigger succulents on first. I spaced apart four graptoverias.  Apply the glue on the stem (be sure to leave a long enough stem), then place it on the pumpkin.  Hold it down for a few seconds until it sticks.

I filled the center in with jade plant, then accented the sides with variegated crassula to add a touch of white to lighten it up.  Lastly, I added a few strands of fish hook succulents to drape down the pumpkin.

I used the leftover tiny succ cuttings to make a mini version.

And there it is, my new color palette for fall….

Check out my videos below for step by step instructions:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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