Gifting Green – Birch Succulents & Tillandsia

When Kid A told us he wanted a woodchipper for Christmas, we scratched our heads.   I don’t think Santa was surprised, I’m sure he’s heard just about everything.  So needless to say, we were stumped after scouring online searching for one.  Zippo.  So when we had this little project of cutting birch logs, he was quite content for the time being.  Also thanks to my mother-in-law for salvaging these gorgeous birch logs from a dead tree!

Kid A then informed us we needed to use a Miter saw for this project (yes, our five year old knows what Miter saw is).  He was right.  He and his Dad spent an afternoon cutting them in different lengths for my green gifts this year.

We started small, making these table place cards.   One cut and a small slice on top for the card, and they were done.  

I tested them out on my Thanksgiving table.  A set of these makes a great holiday gift!

Perfect timing for these guys. I planted these cuttings a few months ago and they were ready to add some greenery to my project.

Although I prefer a more natural look, I used a hot glue gun to add a red velvet ribbon for a holiday touch.  I choose to not use any polyurethane or oils to coat the wood (I like to be chemical free), but you can for a shiny look or to protect it.

After gathering tillandsia pups, succulent cuttings, and Spanish moss from my garden, I placed them on top. You can use a glue gun to anchor them, although for these, I just placed them on top so I can reuse them in my garden later.  

These can be used a table centerpieces, fireplace or hearth decor, or they are great as gifts.  Recycling and using fresh garden collections, these are truly green gifts. 

Be sure to check out my free ‘Gifting Green’ class at The Nursery, Saturday, December 16 at 10am!  The Nursery is 7.5 acres of gardens, plants, succulents, trees, agaves, pottery and furniture.  You’ll want to spend the day there!  

The Nursery By Southwinds   7000 Marine Way Irvine, CA 92618  Phone (949) 854-0540








One thought on “Gifting Green – Birch Succulents & Tillandsia

  1. Alex, I love your creativity.. These succulent log gifts are adorable, too. and also the name card idea using the birch logs (I may have to have Kid A make me some 🙂 I will give up my hair appt to come to your demo next Saturday! So great that you’re doing it!

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