State of Love and Trust

Whatever state you’re in mentally, physically or spiritually, I hope it’s a state of love and trust.  If it’s not, just spend a little time in your garden, and it’ll bring it all back to you.

It’s very simple. Love is at the core of us and our gardens.  The blood, sweat and tears we put into our garden comes from love and we pour that all into what we create.

To remind me of this, I subtly and strategically place hearts throughout my garden.  

I’m not a fan of too many knick knacks and clutter in my garden, but spreading a little love around never hurt, right?  

Sometimes love just naturally occurs in my garden. This Crown of Thorns debuted it’s first bloom this week.

Although what I love most are the items Kid A collects from our garden.  A succulent planter was the intention for this wooden heart box, but how could I resist letting him use it for his garden findings, for they are collections from the heart. 

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