Adventures of Kid A: Learning To Fly

Kid A and I had one of the most amazing days in our garden recently.  We weren’t actually gardening, but rather watching this young monarch butterfly learn to fly.  At first I thought something was wrong with him, but then read that they have to learn to fly. Ok, well that made sense.

 Then we decided to check on the Monarch pupa (or chrysalis) that we had been waiting to hatch.  It was this beautiful bright green color and made it’s home on my trellis right next to the milkweed plant.

We’d just about given up hope as we read that it takes 10-15 days to hatch. We were already at  day 21.  Although this cool December winter day,  it wasn’t bright green anymore, it had turned black and slightly transparent!  We could actually see the monarch butterfly’s wings inside.

I went into the house to read up on it and it said it could take longer for them to hatch in the colder months (or they may not hatch at all).  I also read it takes several hours for it to hatch, although when I came out  just one hour later, this is what we saw!

We were so excited (ok so maybe I was the one really geeking out over it).  Anyway, we decided to give him some space to acclimate and checked back on the baby monarch’s attempt for take off.  He happily crawled up on Kid A’s hand to get a clear view of his runway.  

Then I stumbled upon this little fella.  Another one just getting all snuggly to go into the pupa stage!  

Then we found this little new monarch caterpillar making it’s way up our milkweed plant to munch on some leaves. Yep another one!  

We had just witnessed all stages of a Monarch caterpillar’s lifecycle in one day.  Lesson for the day?

#1 never, ever give up

#2 Gratitude, as gardens are our teachers


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