This month June gloom is over and the weather is starting to heat up. So you have to keep a close eye on your plants, especially in pots so they don’t dry out.   Watering is key these next few months. Although you can continue to plant this month, feel free to take July off and just maintain and enjoy the garden.



Watering Tips:

  • Be sure to use water wisely!  Here are a few tips to reuse water to take care of your garden
  • When waiting for the bath or shower water to warm up, place a bucket under the faucet to collect water to use for your pots.
  • After boiling water for cooking such as eggs and pasta, let it cool water plants.  They love the calcium from the egg shells especially.
  • When refreshing pet water bowls, dump the old water into pots.


  • Dahlias
  • Mint (bees love these)
  • Hydrangeas (reblooming)
  • Gardenias
  • Plumerias
Mint blooms

Mint blooms








  • Warm season annuals and dahlias are blooming! Keep deadheading flowers for more blooms.
  • Harvest fruits & veggies (4th of July tomatoes will be ready to pick!)
  • You can cut them off, but l prefer to keep the faded blooms on my hydrangeas. They often still look pretty turning to a light blue or faded green. I even like to leave them on all fall & winter to protect the plant.
  • Water regularly flowers and veggies and especially pots in the hot weather. Don’t forget your succulents!   I water my succulents regularly to keep them green and vibrant.


  • Citrus, perennials and veggies
  • Fuchsias (never let their soil dry out)
  • Outside orchids
  • Ferns
  • Gardenias
  • Tropicals & subtropicals
  • Start adding aluminum sulfate to acid loving plants & to acidify your soil (hydrangeas to make them blue!)

Most of this information is from my personal gardening experiences in coastal Southern California.  I refer to these basic ‘Monthly To Do’s’ as a basic guide as well as my garden journal notes.  They are always evolving and continually updated.

I have also compiled some of this information from these highly recommended sources such as:  Green Thumb Nursery, OC Register (Home & Garden section), Rogers Gardens (Ron Vanderhoff’s monthly checklists are extremely detailed), Sunset magazine, UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County and Pat Welsh’s ‘Southern California Gardening’ book (this book is a must have)!

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